Leptin Diet Friendly

If you are following the Leptin Diet you will already understand the strict guidelines of this diet.

Our Leptin Diet Friendly section has many delicious recipes for one that are full of Leptin Diet approved ingredients.  We also have a nutritional breakdown of each recipe which can assist in making meal plan decisions. 

Serves 2. Your cravings will be met! Healthy oven-baked fish with a spiced coconut crumb. Featured in our e-Book Eat Clean Dirty Food. This recipe has zero wheat, gluten & dairy and less oil & salt.
2 Serves. Chimichurri is a delicious South American sauce that goes with most proteins. Its flavour is punchy and robust and adds some green goodness to your dishes.
2 Serves. The prawns have a quick lime, garlic & chilli marinade & only take minutes to cook. Serve in lettuce cups for a low-carb option, or add in some of our homemade (or store-bought) almond tortillas.
2 Serves. From the e-Book Eat Clean Dirty Food. You are going to love this clean & lean version of Pad Thai. Pad Thai can be a great choice when you're ordering take out, and it ticks a lot of the GF, DF & clean eating boxes. However, like most restaurants that's not always the focus and you will find too much oil, salt, artificial flavours. TIP: We like to add extra vegetables like some finely sliced broccolini which will cook at the same time as the other veg.
2 Serves. Recipe from the Eat Clean Dirty Food e-Book. The freshest most delicious nachos and, you will boost your veggie intake without even realising it! We've replaced the corn chips with roasted potato slices. Topped them with a beef & bean sauce that's full of veggies. With the special addition of avocado, coconut yoghurt, coriander leaves & a squeeze of lime - yum! TIP: Baked sweet potato rounds are also delicious.
One serve. Recipe from the new Eat Clean Dirty Food e-Book. Easy, delicious, filling & healthy!
2 Serves. Recipe from the new Eat Clean Dirty Food e-Book! These glorious pancakes are wheat-free, gluten-free & dairy-free. Using cassava flour is a saviour for wheat-free baking and we've dedicated a lot of time into making these little pancakes taste awesome! Follow the recipe notes for pancake perfection! Cassava is a root vegetable/tuber, so it ticks most of the boxes when it comes to intolerances & allergies. It does have a stronger flavour than wheat flour and adding maple, honey, coconut & fruit work well.
2 Serves. From the new Eat Clean Dirty Food recipe e-book. Deliciously easy takeaway & fast food recipes all wheat & dairy free. NOTE: Low Carb, Paleo & Keto friendly swap out rice for cauliflower rice. Swap out prawns with any other protein.
2 Serves. As a gluten-free & wheat-free website, we love the different "pasta" options available so that you can still enjoy a delicious bowl of pasta! For this recipe we’ve used a Pulse Pasta which was a combination of peas, lentils, chickpeas & borlotti beans and it works so well with the earthy flavours of the Greek salad. TIP: Swap out the goat’s cheese for hummus for a dairy-free & vegan option.
2 Serves. This one-pan Spanish dish is often eaten with bread. However, we've added chicken to our dish to boost it into a more hearty meal. In saying that, the vegan option minus the chicken is just as good. TIP: Add 1/4 tsp chilli powder at the same time as the paprika to heat things up a bit.
2 Serves. These little pork & mushrooms meatballs are full of flavour & extremely delicious! We've added a spicy slaw, instead of a creamy slaw, and kept this dish fresh with herbs & chilli. TIP: If you're avoiding grains or carbs, swap out the brown rice for some large lettuce leaves or one of our Almond Meal Flatbreads.
Poke Bowls, also called rice bowls, are a really delicious, healthy and easy dish to put together. If you can source a good quality sashimi-grade salmon, serving the salmon raw is an amazing option too. We’ve got lots of different recipes for poke, salad & rice bowls. Mix them up with different proteins & different dressings and you’ll never get bored. TIP: Adding herbs is a great way to boost the nutritional value of a dish. Pick the ones you enjoy eating most.
Marinated salmon is an easy & healthy dinner as the flavours absorb quickly. This entire dish is a really quick cook, however, if you can leave the salmon marinate for at least 30mins the flavours will infuse beautifully. TIP: Swap out for your favourite vegetables, just keep in mind cooking times for harder choices. Optional to add in a small portion of brown rice or quinoa for a bigger meal. TIP 2: For soy free, swap out tamari for coconut aminos & only add 1/2 the honey.
This spiced yoghurt is delicious & will match most proteins. The chicken does require at least 30mins marinating time if you want the flavours infused. A great recipe to prep the night before so you are guaranteed the flavour hit. TIP: Chicken can be sliced for a quick stovetop cook. Serve with any preferred vegetables, plus you can swap out cauli rice for any type of rice.
Another easy traybake dinner. Dukkah is usually available in the spice section of your supermarket and is a really easy way to add lots of flavour to your dish. TIP: Cooking times may change depending on how thick your piece of salmon is. We've taken the skin off, however it's up to you if you want to leave it on.
What always makes a salad great is the dressing flavours. This one has a quick pickle dressing for the carrot & cucumber. Then a punchy, spicy dressing for the entire salad. Delish! TIP: You can always add more chilli!!
A mix of warm ingredients with salad is always a delicious dish. Add in a gorgeous dressing and you have a meal that will definitely satisfy. TIP: We love a mix of brown rice and quinoa, however either one on its own is also delicious. Also, visit our dressings section to change up the dressing. Honey Mustard or Spicy Thai dressings - yum!
These are a great way to satisfy a sweet craving. You only need half an apple for the filling, so you could make 2... it will keep unfilled for a few days (if you can stop yourself!!)
Cauliflower is a great carrier food. Meaning the flavour profile is low, so you can add lots of different flavours and it will taste great. We've served these fritters with a soft boiled egg, avo & chilli flakes. However, almost anything goes, bacon, guacamole, roasted tomatoes, roasted veggies... the list goes on. TIP: Cauli does hold water - see our notes on how to improve your fritters shape.
A Mexican dish with a Cajun twist. Using a Cajun spice mix for the chicken is so delicious & easy. However, you could also use a Mexican spice mix for equally amazing results. We've used our AIP soft wraps for this one, which are nut-free. However, we have a few different wraps / flatbreads on the website that you could use for taco night! NOTE: AIP followers - instead of a spice mix, coat the chicken in some onion powder, a pinch of garlic powder & salt. TIP: Always choose a clean spice mix, preferably organic. You do usually have to source them out from health food stores, delis etc. Alternatively you could easily make you own.
Egg Roll or Omelette Rolls are so quick and easy in the mornings. You can fill them with so many different things - goat's cheese, tomatoes, leftover roasted veggies, herbs etc..
2 Serves. Rice Bowls – we love them! Eating healthy can be simple, and mixing up the flavours is the key to keep enjoying healthy food so you don’t get bored. It only takes a few minutes to make this marinade for the chicken. Then we cook the leftover marinade and make a sauce to finish the dish. Delish!! We’ve kept the salad simple with a few ingredients, however, you could add any of your favourite salad or cooked vegetables. TIP: Having cooked portions of rice in the freezer is a great way to ensure you’re eating healthy grains & it cuts cooking time. You could also use quinoa, white rice if you prefer, or mix brown rice and quinoa together (that’s a favourite!).
Looking after our AIP members is always something we work hard at. Cassava flour replaces almond meal, which we use in most of our other wraps. These wraps are a big delicious tick for anyone!! TIP: AIP remember to use guar gum-free coconut milk. Ayam is a great brand in Australia and easily available.
Soup for one can be an easy, light meal. This one is really delicious too. TIP: Vegetable weights are a guideline only. If you have larger veggies just add a little more stock.
This gorgeous vegan noodle dish is sure to satisfy. TIP: We’ve used a firm tofu for this recipe, however it also works well with a softer tofu. Tempeh is another option & there are now some great soy-free varieties.
Gorgeous as a warm salad, but you can also serve all the ingredients as a cold salad. Change or add salad ingredients of your choice, like carrot, capsicum... etc. TIP: Marinating the chicken is a step you can skip if you are in a hurry. It does add that extra layer of flavour, however the dressing packs a big enough punch.
Fritters are the bomb! The roasted tomatoes are definitely worth doing as they create a gorgeous sauce that matches the dish so deliciously. TIP: Tapioca/Arrowroot flour can be swapped out with chickpea, quinoa or buckwheat flour.
Burrito without the wrap! This gorgeous bowl ticks all the flavour boxes and you can make the beans as spicy as you like. TIP: Our salad bowls are always flexible for you to add whatever salad veggies you prefer.
A creamy, sweet and healthy breakfast that can be taken on the go. Full of protein, omega 3's, potassium and atioxidants and it's Vegan! Note: Allow at least 2 hours soaking time. Tip: Any soft berries will work in this recipe
2 Serves. We love veggie overload & we always add lots of flavour to make your dish delish. This one is 2 serves & the flavours will continue to infuse for another meal the following day. We’ve used Thyme as the herb to flavour the entire dish. It’s quite a strong herb so you’ll only need a small amount, and if you prefer you can swap it for another favourite herb. TIP: If you are looking for a carb boost add a small portion of brown rice or quinoa and mix it through the cauli rice – so yummy.
This is one of those dishes where you want to lick the plate clean, so many delicious flavours that all just work beautifully together. Tip: You can use other veggies on the side but we think the garlic and lemon flavours are the perfect flavour combo with this dish. Hint: You can leave out the white wine and just use extra stock. Note: We used semi-dried tomatoes but if using sun-dried you can soak them in the stock while cooking the chicken.
The acai berry is well known to be an antioxidant powerhouse fruit from South America. Acai Bowls are now quite a popular healthy breakfast or snack option. However, some of the popular brands used in cafes & restaurants can have added cane sugar. Making them at home using a brand that doesn't have added sugar is a great way to enjoy this easy & delicious breakfast bowl. TIP: Acai is not a sweet fruit. Adding banana & a little coconut water can raise the sweetness to just the right level.
Overnight oats are great for those of us that don't have a lot of time in the mornings. This combination of crisp apple, crunchy walnuts and cinnamon brings to mind an iconic apple crumble. Tip: If you don't have almond milk any plant-based milk will work.
That little hit of ginger in the mushrooms takes this dish to new heights, so very yummy and very nutritious! Lots of good fats and healthy greens to get you started for the day.
This gorgeous creamy dip can be served with anything you like or use it as a spread or thinned out into a sauce, it's that good you're going to want to serve it with everything! Tip: If you want the flatbread even crispier you can place in the oven for 10 minutes or so. Hint: We use the pre-cooked beetroot available from most supermarkets but you can cook from fresh. Note: For the flatbread you can thin it out with water, the thinner it is the crispier it will get in a shorter time.
We've made our own roll for this recipe, it's super easy! Feel free to use your own favourite gluten-free roll but watch those additives and preservatives! Tip: The pattie is Vegan and will work on any bun or bread or even served on a plate with some salad. Hint: Use whatever salad ingredients you want, grated carrot would be a nice addition.
We never tire of those authentic Mexican flavours and this dish has it in spades! One-pan means minimal clean up too so we think it's going to be one of your favourites too. Tip: Want it a little spicier? Add some chilli powder in with the other spices. Hint: Don't leave off the yoghurt, once you add the lemon juice it tastes so much like sour cream! Note: Edgell now have black beans in a 100g satchel that are ready to serve, we love them!
You don't need to make the sauce for this burger stack but trust us, you want to make this sauce! You will need a stick blender to make this amount but it is very easily multiplied to make a bigger batch. It will store in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. Tip: Switch the salad up to include whatever you like. Hint: An egg would be a pretty awesome addition to this burger.
Vegan cheese is super tasty and extremely versatile! The picture just shows one serving suggestion using fresh cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and basil. This basic recipe for one serving can easily be made into 3 variations. Solid style for a cheese ball etc. Cream Cheese style for spreading or dipping and a Cheesy sauce. Tip: The prep time of 15 minutes includes the blending but the cashews do require soaking overnight. Also, see notes on recipe regarding blenders. Hint: See notes on recipe for variation ideas.
Salad bowls are an awesome way to get your extra veggie intake for the day. This delicious one is served with our gorgeous lime & honey dressing. TIP: You can pan-fry, grill, steam or bake the salmon.
Buddha Bowl, Nourish Bowl, Salad Bowl or Hippie Bowl. Whatever you want to call them, they are a big bowl filled with many beautiful ingredients. This is definitely one of our favourites, all the flavours of a burrito but way healthier! Hint: You can replace the cauliflower rice with cooked rice or quinoa. Tip: You can cut the chicken prior to cooking and you can leave the capsicum and corn raw to save on cooking time. Note: If you want to keep it paleo leave out the beans.
Great natural flavours in this san choy bau without the usual bottled sauce flavours added. This recipe is designed for our AIP members with no chilli or nuts. It’s fabulous! TIP: We’ve used an oriental mushroom mix with shitake & oyster mushrooms in this recipe as it goes beautifully with the asian flavours. However, you can use regualar field mushrooms, they’ll just take a little longer to cook as the orientals are very delicate.
This tasty little dish is our take on Greek Souvlaki. TIP: If your diet allows, you can swap out the coconut yoghurt for Greek yoghurt if preferred.
Most people love a good Caesar salad. This one is nicely balanced with a variety of ingredients, and it’s a great meal for keto lovers. TIP: Paleo & Dairy Free - we’ve got 3 variations of Caesar dressing in our sauces & dressing section. Options with coconut yoghurt & mayonnaise that can match other dietary requirements. This one is our no-mayo dressing.
Tomatoes, bocconcini & basil with some balsamic charred chicken. This salad is very tasty & is a huge boost to your veggie intake. The balsamic dressing doubles as a marinade & only take a few minutes to mix together. TIP: Want to pump up the good fats? Add a serving of avocado, it goes beautifully with this salad.
Honey & mustard are classic flavours together. The marinade doubles as a dressing & only takes a few minutes to mix together. TIP: This is already a quick and easy salad to put together, however you can make the marinade and marinate the chicken overnight to save even more time.
The flavours of chilli, lime and garlic, a tender chicken thigh and a garlicky mayo served on a delicious Paleo roll with fresh salad. Too good!
Vegan fritters that actually hold together and taste absolutely incredible! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, lunch box or picnic, the choice is yours. Tip: If you don't like turmeric just swap it out for spices you like. Hint: We think a stick blender works best for the Cashew Cream due to the small size of the serving.
Fresh & Delicious! Keep this recipe in your favourites! TIP: Use a tender cut of beef for a quick cook. Herbalicious: Fresh herbs give Thai salads their gorgeous flavour. Change them up between coriander, mint or (Thai) basil depending on what's available. Boost: Add in some rice noodles if you want to make this a bigger meal.
We love one pan dishes & this one is delish. The only extra step is the gremolata & you are going to love it. TIP: Basil can be swapped out with most soft herbs. Parsley is always a great herb for gremolata. Also, the little cherry tomatoes on the vine look great, however you can use a few loose cherry or grape tomatoes as well.
Gorgeous flavours in this dish. Cabbage pancakes are easy and you can team them with many different proteins. Adding fresh herbs isn’t necessary, however we always love adding them as they are packed with so much green love & are so delicious. TIP: Use a tender cut of beef for a quick cook.
A dreamy creamy satay sauce may change the way you think of salad forever. TIP: Choose to use all of the herbs mixed together or just add the ones you prefer. Also, if you like your satay hot add some more chilli to the sauce.
This vegan dish fits into many other categories and will even curb your carb cravings! TIP: There are many wheat-free pasta options available now and they are an awesome alternative. We chose Eco Organics Chickpea Fettuccine for this dish.
This burger uses our almond meal roll with a simple beef pattie and fresh salad. The nett carbs come in really low for this one. TIP: This burger doesn’t need sauce, but if you're looking for a healthy option we have some awesome homemade ones is our Dressing & Sauces section.
Bread is one of the things most missed on a keto or paleo diet. This roll doesn't pretend to replace 'normal' bread but we think it's pretty amazing. Note: This recipe makes 1 medium-sized bread roll, perfect for a burger but is easily made into 2 or 3 smaller rolls for use as a side over 2 or 3 days. Tip: If you make them, the extra rolls are best stored in a brown paper bag and can be freshened up in the oven.
Cinnamon is one of those spices that is just as nice in a savoury dish as it is in sweet ones. It pairs beautifully with this salmon and the buttery flavour of the ghee if you decide to use it just adds to the flavour. Note: For AIP use coconut oil.
Simple, light and delicious. The flavours in this dish complement the salmon so beautifully. Tip: You can use whatever vegetables you like, keeping in mind if you do so then the macros will change.
When you are used to eating clean it can be hard to include enough fat when starting on a Keto diet. We love this smoothie for breakfast, it provides fuel for the day and it tastes amazing! Tip: It is quite thick so you can add a little water until it is the desired consistency.
This grain free vegetarian dish will keep you fully satisfied. The haloumi adds a big salty punch to the dish, but it’s the dressing that makes it so delicious. TIP: If you don’t like coriander you can leave it out, or swap for another herb you have on hand i.e. Mint, basil or parsley work too.
A very healthy version of a classic salad. It still retains all of the flavours and is so very delicious!
A sweet and zesty slaw that works well alongside your favourite protein but is equally as nice on it's own! Hint: We teamed this slaw with the Curried Yoghurt Chicken and it works beautifully.
You've got to love a salad that's a complete meal! We love the crunch and sweetness of the apple, so good! Note: The Poached Chicken recipe is a great one to save in your favourites and the same method and cooking time will work for up to a 250g breast. Hint: Leftover roasted chicken will also work in this recipe.
It's light, fresh and zesty, it's a one-pan dish, but best of all, it's incredibly tasty! Hint: We served this with fresh greens but it's equally as good with mash or roasted vegetables.
Curry in a hurry! This dish is super easy and super quick to make but that doesn't mean you compromise on flavour because this dish has plenty of it! The rice is just a serving suggestion, If you would like to keep it low carb the curry is gorgeous just on it's own or with cauliflower rice.
We love citrus flavours with lamb! This dish marries them so well and the spices just bring it all together so beautifully. Tip: If you don't like hazelnuts, slivered almonds work just as well or leave the nuts out all together.
Delicious bite-sized omelette rolls with a delicious flavour hit! Vegetarian or following a PCOS diet? Just leave out the ham or bacon, it's still a seriously delicious dish!
If you're craving an Italian food fix these delicious zucchinis it will make you feel way better than pizza or pasta. Tip: Liquid may pool in the zucchinis during cooking. Follow the notes below for a delicious ending.
Smoked salmon, avo, fritters…it’s as delicious as it looks. TIP: The dressing is not compulsory with this dish, but the lemon & garlic with the smoked salmon give it such an extra flavour boost.
We love bread for one. This bread is great for soups, sandwiches or burgers. TIP: Baking this free-form is much easier than in a ramekin (as per the photo). If you do want to use a ramekin make sure it’s greased really well and let the roll sit for a few minutes before removing as it may stick.
It's so easy to make this flat bread. After 5 mins in the oven you will have some nice soft dipping bread or a wrap. The longer it stays in the oven the crispier it gets. * Depending on your Paleo and Keto choices tapioca/arrowroot is a starch and may not belong on strict diets.
This coconut yoghurt based dressing is thick, rich & gorgeous. It will easily go on your favourite dressings list. TIP: You can swap to Greek Yoghurt, and swap out coriander for mint or basil.
Sweet, Sour, Hot & Salty! Everything you look for in Asian cuisine. Pour this dressing over cucumber ribbons, julienne carrots, shredded cabbage, lettuce & lots and lots of fresh herbs! TIP: 1/4 a small red chilli will make a spicy dressing, but you can add as much as you want!
Sweet & Tangy. So easy to make and will compliment most salads.
What's better than a beautiful rich Ratatouille? A Baked version! We love this as a side but truthfully you can eat it straight out of the dish, it's that amazing! Tip: Get creative and mix the veggies up a little with squash or eggplant. Hint: You can use any sturdy herbs to flavour the oil or alternatively you could add dried herbs to the passata.
Something a little different in the salad section! It's super quick and easy and oh so delicious! Tip: We love it served in the wedges and placed in the pool of dressing but it would also work as a chopped salad. Hint: We used a variety of fresh basil, mint and parsley leaves but use whatever you have, chives would also work well. For the seeds, we chose sesame, black sesame and nigella but you could also use pepitas and/or sunflower seeds.
A quick, easy and very tasty salad! Note: If you can't tolerate dairy you can easily leave the goat's cheese off or use a vegan option.
These fritters are too easy and seriously delish! To get a vegan fritter to hold together and taste great too is no easy task but that's exactly what you're getting! Tip: You can swap the fresh herbs for dried but just use the dried dill in the sauce. Hint: Chickpea flour is also known as Besan flour and is the sole reason for these holding together so well. The amount needed will depend entirely on how juicy your tomatoes are. See note on the recipe.
Make the most of the stone fruit season when it comes around by using them in everything! Peaches are almost always used in sweet dishes but they work so beautifully in this dish teamed up with chicken and gorgeous fresh thyme. Note: We finished this dish in the oven, for this, you will need an ovenproof frypan. Otherwise, you could cover and cook on the stovetop.
This is one of those dishes that can be made ahead of time because it just keeps getting better! It's also made all in one pan and we love that! Tip: We like it hot but if you don't like too much heat you can dial it down by using less chilli powder and leaving out the fresh chilli. Hint: We love Budgee Garlic & Herbs Firehouse Chilli Seasoning for this.
These Zucchini Tacos will be your new fave thing! They fold beautifully and hold together right to the last bite. Combined with garlic marinated prawns and a zesty lime and chilli dressing these tacos are right up there on the flavour scale! Note: There is a little bit of time involved in this dish but it's totally worth it.
Light spices, fresh herbs, sweet pomegranate & creamy yoghurt. This salad is delish. TIP: You can buy packaged brown rice & quinoa together which would be a great option for this dish. Alternatively, you could use all brown rice or all quinoa.
Savoury Mince is one of those staple breakfast recipes you might see on the all-day menu in many cafes, because let's face it you can eat it for any meal you like! Hint: We love it with the addition of creamy avocado and a poached egg but the choice is totally yours as to what you top it with. Tip: We also love it served with our Paleo Taco/Tortilla.
This is our take on traditional style devilled eggs and we love it!! Tip: We think the perfect texture for the yolk is a 5-6 minute boiled egg. Hint: These make the perfect lunchbox or picnic snack!
A yummy cheesy tasting sprinkle that works in place of Parmesan cheese that's vegan!
Great with most salads. Tip: you can swap out the honey for maple syrup or coconut sugar.
We have made this guacamole AIP friendly but don't think for a minute it doesn't taste great, because it does!! Sweet potato toast is one of those new trends that is here to stay if you haven't tried it yet give it a go!
Kaffir Lime is one of those aromas that is instantly recognisable. They are also readily available from most leading supermarkets and can be kept in the freezer for whenever you need them. Hint: if you don't want to dirty 2 pans just cook the cauli rice first then set aside and keep warm while you cook the chicken and bok choy. Tip: We used a mortar & pestle for the marinade as it gets a little better result but you can just chop everything very finely and use the back of a spoon to mash it up.
Koftas are Middle Eastern meatballs. They are usually full of spices & herbs. We’ve left out the spices in this dish as we do have some diet categories that can’t tolerate them, or need to eliminate them for a short time. TIP: Fresh coriander can always be swapped for parsley, or just left out and enjoy the mint.
If you love tzatziki, this is a great dairy-free option. TIP: We like to use raw garlic in some of our dressings. If you're not a huge fan of raw garlic, maybe start with about a quarter of clove. Raw garlic has many health benefits, so try and add as much as you can!
Most people love Caesar Dressing. However, the bottled versions are full of additives, preservatives & other ingredients we don't know how to pronounce. Please note with our mayonnaise option below we've used a good store-bought mayo (always check your ingredients), however, we also have a homemade mayo recipe in this section. TIP: Anchovy fillets are a big part of where the Caesar dressing gets its flavour. We've only listed it as optional as it's a 50/50 on who actually likes them! If you're not using them, maybe add some extra mustard, lemon & salt to increase your flavours. Some pepper will work will too.
A totally healthy grain free version of crumbed fish that tastes so much better! The chips can be prepped ahead of time for a crispier finish. We used NZ Blue Grenadier but Snapper, Barramundi or similar will work. Hint: The pickled salad is super easy and works with pretty much anything. Note: Cooking time will depend on the thickness of the chips.
Any recipe that can be cooked in one pan is always a good one and when it tastes this amazing it goes straight onto the favourites list. Hint: The size of the sweet potato cubes will determine cooking time.
This dish is a little decadent & purely designed for keto or low carb/high fat lovers. TIP: Dairy Free option - swap out the butter for coconut oil, it's still a great sage sauce.
Chicken with a creamy lemon & garlic sauce is delicious, extremely low carb & will be on your favourites list. TIP: This dish goes from stovetop to oven. Using a small ovenproof pan ensures you get lots of sauce at the end. See notes below.
If you like satay sauce this one's easy with all the healthy ingredients. We've got 2 options for serving raw or cooked. TIP: If peanuts are not part of your diet you can swap the peanut butter for almond or cashew. Also, fresh garlic can be swapped out for garlic powder.
So easy and so versatile! Serve it on toast, crispbreads, sweet potato toast, or as a dip with your favourite vegetables or crackers.
Veggies for breakfast are becoming more common with the health conscious, and also with people that need to make some big diet changes. It’s different from the usual breakfast options, but you might like this tasty dish> TIP: You can also use marinated goat's cheese with this recipe & spoon over a little of the oil marinade as a flavour option.
This pesto is super quick and easy. We make it with a mortar and pestle due to the serving size and it makes 2 1/2 to 3 teaspoons. If you are making a larger amount you can use a blender. Hint: You don't need a fancy big mortar and pestle, any size and shape will do. Tip: Rather than toasting the pine nuts every time you can roast a batch and store them in a sealed jar in the fridge.
Using fresh baked salmon is what makes this dish stand apart from your regular quiche recipes. It's an all in one dish too, so super easy! Tip: Dill and salmon work very well together but you can use any fresh or dried herbs you like.
Anything with balsamic gets a tick in our books and these chicken drumsticks have a gorgeous crispy skin, tangy balsamic and sweet tomatoes. It all just works! Tip: Be sure not to skip the step to rinse and dry the chicken, it will ensure a crispier skin.
Potatoes are one of the most versatile of the vegetable family. There are so many different ways to cook them and this is one of our favourites. Equal parts crispy and creamy with the flavours of thyme and garlic. Seriously though! Tip: Don't have thyme? Use one of your favourite herbs. We used ghee for the gorgeous buttery flavour but for vegan you can use coconut oil. Niulife make a coconut ghee that is vegan and quite delicious!
A gorgeous curry that's ready in 20 minutes! It's Keto and fits in with most other dietary protocols. Tip: Use whatever vegetables you like or whatever you have on hand and pretty much any protein would work with this.
A delicious dressing takes a simple salad to a fantastic flavoured meal! TIP: If you don't like a particular herb, just change it with one you do like. Coriander or Basil work well in this dressing.
A paleo noodle stir fry! Kelp noodles have a very similar texture to rice noodles but we think they're even better! A filling and delicious dish. Tip: Want to make it more keto-friendly? Just leave out the carrot.
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style savoury pancake stack. We have made our version a little healthier so it's Paleo and Keto friendly and seriously delish! Tip: This dish is easily made vegetarian by leaving out the ham or bacon but if you are using either try to find ones with no added nitrates or sugars. Hint: We used Niulife Coconut Teriyaki Sauce for this recipe but you could also use coconut aminos with a little honey, garlic & ginger added.
This muffin is just delightful on its own or served on the side of your fave dish. It's also yummy with a little mayo and salad. Tip: You can use whatever herbs you have on hand or dried herbs will also work, just keep in mind you will only need 1/2 teaspoon.
A Thai chicken salad with a spicy peanut sauce. It's like a party in your mouth that takes you to Thailand! Note: For Paleo swap the peanut butter for almond butter. Hint: If you don't have a spiraliser a shark style julienne peeler works just as well.
A vegetable bake with a twist. Light and delicious, it works well as a side with any main but is tasty just on its own! Want a vegan version? Swap out the butter with your favourite vegan substitute.
A very healthy alternative to store-bought tomato sauce, no nasty additives or preservatives, just tomato and spices with a little honey for sweetness. You can make this in 6 minutes!
If you ask us, this sauce is better than any bought kind and it has none of the horrible additives either. You will need a stick blender or a very small food processor but trust me, it's worth it. Hint: This makes around 2 1/2 tablespoons of sauce but the recipe is easily doubled.
This is one of those easy 'go-to' recipes that you will make again and again. Absolutely everyone we have served this soup to has asked for the recipe! Hint: Want to bulk it up a little more? Add in some kelp noodles at the last minute.
We love the flavours in this dish, the combination is something a little different and who doesn't love a one-pan dish? Tip: If you line the pan with baking paper the clean up is minimal too!
If you have never tried grilled lettuce before you need to! It's so delicious and teamed with this zesty salmon it makes for a very fresh and light dish. Tip: The extra wedge of lime is really nice to squeeze over the cooked lettuce!
A creamy Italian style chicken dish that can be served with your favourite steamed greens or even some rice but is awesome just on its own. Delish! Tip: We used the Sunny Fruit sun-dried tomatoes for this dish which are quite soft and pliable. Sandhurst, available from leading grocery stores make a similar type but you could also use any that come in a jar, just drain first.
A creamy and zesty chicken salad that just works. Yum! Hint: Our grapefruit weighed 300g whole. While preparing and dicing the grapefruit we ended up with enough juice on the board for the marinade and dressing, just use a board with a catchment edge or a plate so you can collect it. Any leftover flesh is great in a fruit salad. Tip: Don't marinate the chicken too long as the juice will begin the cooking process, 15 minutes is plenty.
This curry is like a big warm hug, a perfect anytime dish that you will want to make again and again. Best of all it's all in one pot! Note: Not all curry powders are created equal so make sure to buy a good organic one. We choose to use the one from Simply Organic Foods.
We love fruit in our salads and we know you're going to love this one! So many flavours and textures that just work so well together. Hint: To keep it Paleo, AIP approved and dairy free just leave out the goat's feta. Tip: The Poached Chicken recipe is a great one to save in your favourites and the same method and cooking time will work for up to a 250g breast.
This is an easy, tasty chicken curry with the bonus of a big green veggie hit. TIP: Make sure you choose good quality spices with no fillers. You can also use a cheat here by adding 1-2 teaspoons of a pre-blended curry powder or even garam masala. Pure Food Essentials have a great tasting one, it’s organic with no added fillers.
All the flavour you need for a gorgeous salad dressing or dipping sauce. TIP: Paleo, Vegan & Dairy Free swap out Greek yoghurt for a good quality plain coconut yoghurt.
If you love lamb then you will seriously love this dish. All of these flavours combined work so well together especially with the addition of the sweet potato mash. Tip: Use whatever greens you have on hand. Hint: Dried herbs can also work in this dish but will need to be reduced to 1/4 of the amount. Note: For AIP leave out the chilli flakes.
A brilliant alternative to potato mash that works with most proteins and other vegetables. By using coconut yoghurt for the creamy element it's also dairy free, vegan and AIP friendly! Note: The amount of coconut yoghurt used will depend on how wet or dry your sweet potato is once it's mashed.
A spicy Mexican style alternative to rice. Serve with your favourite protein or pile it up with some veggies for a light meal. Tip: If you don't like chilli or you are following the AIP diet it is still a great dish without it.
A simple and quick side salad that will work with any protein of your choice. Tip: Always leave the dressing off until you are ready to serve. Hint: Add any fresh herbs, nuts or seeds you like. A little goat's cheese or fried haloumi would also be nice.
This gorgeous and colourful slaw can be served with pretty much anything! Add it to your fave tacos, hotdogs, sandwiches and salads. Team it up with your favourite proteins or even just serve it on your favourite crackers or crispbreads.
Colourful breakfasts can only be good for you! TIP: You can roast the sweet potato in the oven, or use a flat sandwich press to make it super quick & easy!
We tried a few different recipe variations of Paleo gravy before settling on this one as a definite favourite! Any recipes using tapioca flour or similar to thicken them always ended with an ok result, this method using cauliflower to thicken means 1 extra step but trust us, it's totally worth the time. Hint: See notes for variations. Tip: Make extra and freeze in portions.
We tried a few different recipe variations of Paleo gravy before settling on this one as a definite favourite! Any recipes using tapioca flour or similar to thicken it always ended with an ok result, this method using cauliflower to thicken means 1 extra step but trust us, it's totally worth the time. Hint: See notes for variations. Tip: Make extra and freeze in portions.
Overnight oats are great for those of us that don't have a lot of time in the mornings. This combination of banana and coconut is super creamy and delicious. Tip: If you don't want to use coconut milk any plant-based milk will work.
Spicy and tangy is what you will get with this incredible slaw recipe. Pair it with your favourite protein and some simple roasted potatoes and you have yourself a beautiful combination. Tip: There is not a lot of spice in this slaw but it can easily be adjusted to suit by removing or increasing the amount of chilli flakes used. Hint: This slaw keeps really well and develops more flavour the longer you leave it so it's a great make-ahead recipe.
A quick and easy marinade to add some incredible flavour to a tender pork steak. Serve with your favourite sides. Hint: We have pictured this with the Spicy Slaw and we think the flavours work well together.
Citrus and mint were made to go with lamb. We love dried mint for this dish for its intensity of flavour but fresh mint will also work. Note: Cooking time will depend entirely on the thickness of the lamb.
Don't ever think a cooked breakfast will take too long because you can have this scramble ready in under 10 minutes! Tip: Serve alone or with a piece of your favourite gluten-free toast. If you don't want the toast or think it won't be enough you can always add another egg or more veggies. Hint: If you want them even creamier you can add 1 teaspoon of coconut yoghurt or a little plant-based milk.
A gorgeous cinnamon marinade on the chicken is complimented perfectly by a mix of mustard and maple coating on the roasted vegetables. It tastes like Autumn but is delicious any time of the year! Hint: Swap out the vegetables with ones you like or have on hand.
A tasty Mexican spice rub makes for a delicious and fun dish with these skewers. We love to serve them with our Coriander & Chilli Cauliflower Rice but a side salad would work just as nicely. Tip: Be sure to pre-soak the skewers to avoid burning, alternatively you could use metal skewers. Hint: We cut the chicken thigh in half then each half into 3 to create 6 evenly sized pieces.
Garlic and herbs team up as a beautifully light marinade for this delicate mix of seafood. A wedge of lemon and a little sea salt is all it needs for the flavours to come together. Tip: We used a combination of herbs from the garden but any that you choose will work. Hint: We love this served with cauliflower rice but pretty much any sides will work with these simple flavours. Note: See notes in the method for seafood choices.
Something a little different to your regular side of greens! We think it tastes amazing and it works really well as a healthy alternative to rice.
A very easy side that will work with pretty much any protein! It's a great replacement for rice or starchy mashes and the flavour is so light and simple.
A spicy marinade that works perfectly with chicken! Serve with one of our delicious salad or vegetable sides. Tip: There wasn't a lot of heat in this chicken so we think you could increase the amount of chilli flakes for a bigger kick!
A gorgeous peanut satay marinade that can be used on chicken breast or thighs. A quick and easy meal when teamed with one of our amazing salad or vegetable sides. Hint: If peanuts are not allowed you could easily replace the peanut butter with any other nut butter. Tip: Slice the chicken before marinating to reduce cooking time.
A seriously delicious marinade that teams perfectly with fresh ocean-caught salmon. This is definitely on the go-to favourites list! Team it up with one of your favourite salads or vegetable sides. Tip: If you are meal prepping you can marinate for up to 1 day.
A simple marinade that teams beautifully with fresh ocean-caught salmon. Choose from any of salad or vegetable sides for a quick and easy meal. Tip: If you are meal prepping you can marinate for up to 1 day.
A light and tangy salad that will go with any of your favourite proteins but is also perfect for a light lunch. Tip: You could easily swap or add any of the salad ingredients for your faves! Hint: If you are fine with dairy you could easily swap the yoghurt for Greek yoghurt or sour cream.
If you are following a Paleo or Keto diet then you would not even imagine being able to have something like this! But we are here to tell you that you can! The 'scone' is light and fresh, the jam is tart and sweet and the yoghurt 'cream' just brings it all together beautifully. Hint: The scone can also be toasted and topped with any of your fave sweet or savoury toppings. It will also keep for up to 2 days if wrapped or sealed and placed in the fridge so it's completely portable for your lunch box or a picnic! Tip: The jam will keep for up to a week in the fridge. Note: We used liquid coconut cooking oil/fractionated coconut oil as it is light and has no flavour but any other oil or butter will work equally as well.
An English Muffin that has only 5 simple ingredients, cooks in 1 minute and is guilt free! It's grain free and will fit in with most diet protocols. Hint: Results can differ greatly depending on the dish you use and your microwave so you may need to keep an eye on it the first time you try this. Note: We have toasted it for the pic but it works just as well untoasted. The butter is a serving suggestion only and is not included in the ingredients or macros.
It doesn't get any easier than this! Two ingredients and 6 minutes and you have jam! Tip: You can add your choice of sweetener, we chose not to as the berries were sweet enough. Note: If you would like to use fresh berries you will need to add a little water to make enough liquid.
This pesto is a little different but in a very good way! So delicious! Use it as a dip, spread or topping. We love it on the AIP approved Foccacia bread. To make this pesto AIP friendly be sure to use horseradish cream and not mustard. Hint: We use the pre-cooked beetroot available from most leading supermarkets.
Hummus doesn't necessarily need to be made with chickpeas, which means even if you're following a paleo diet you can still enjoy it! This cauliflower version is seriously delish but check out our other recipes too! Note: This makes just under half a cup.
So much flavour in this beautiful little salad, you won't want to eat tinned beetroot ever again! Hint: We used the pre-cooked beetroot available from most leading supermarkets and fruit shops which makes this recipe super quick and easy but if you prefer to cook fresh beetroot it will work equally as well.
All the things we love about a Caprese salad with the addition of tender juicy steak and creamy avocado.
We think fruit works really well in savoury dishes and this one proves it! The exact right amount of sweet and savoury. Tip: We used a lean piece of rump for this dish but scotch or rib fillet will work beautifully too.
A bacon & egg muffin on a keto diet would normally be a definite no! but this one is definitely a YES! Just 5 ingredients and a quick mix, 1 to 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave, done! Tip: Adjust the toppings to suit your taste.
This is one of those dishes you can eat for any meal of the day! Hint: Don't like chilli? Just leave it out. Tip: Swap the veggies out for whatever you have on hand, asparagus or broccolini would work really well. Note: We topped this dish with our Vegan Parmesan but it's completely optional. If dairy isn't a problem for you then parmesan cheese would also work beautifully.
If you served this mash to someone who is used to old school potato mash I highly doubt they would know it's completely vegan! Hint: We used truffle-infused olive oil and the flavour was amazing!
This sauce works beautifully with seafood but don't stop there! It also works on chicken, beef or pork too!
This omelette is loaded with vegetables and flavour! It really is a complete meal and fits in with most dietary protocols too! Tip: We love to find ways of adding more greens to every meal but if you don't want to use the rocket just leave it off. Hint: We used shiitake mushrooms but any variety will work.
So so much flavour in this simple dish! Red grapefruit has just the right amount of sweet and bitter and when combined with the honey in the dressing and the fresh mint everything just works. Tip: We used the thin cut lean pork steaks for this but tenderloin would also work equally as well. Note: The full grapefruit we used weighed 250g.
Who says you need a bun to have a good burger? This Turkey burger has so much flavour on its own but when it's topped with those sweet and sticky balsamic onions it takes it to the next level! Hint: Use whatever salad you like and if you need it to be dairy free just swap the goat's cheese in the sauce for mayonnaise. Tip: We used Pure Harvest Coconut Quench for the milk in the sauce but use whatever you have. Note: Don't be put off by how many steps there are, most of the prep is done while the onions and burgers are cooking.
These fritters have a little bit of a Japanese twist to them, don't skip the sauce, it's seriously delish! Hint: Want vegetarian? Just leave out the bacon and add extra veg!
Low carb, high protein and good fats in this dish, not to mention the flavour! It's super quick and easy too so perfect for a last minute dinner also. Hint: The fresh lemon is a lovely way to finish the dish and adds bags of flavour but is optional. Tip: We love fresh herbs but dried will work, just remember you won't need as much.
The saltiness of the prosciutto works perfectly with the milder taste of the salmon and the slight sweetness of the ratatouille. The punch of fresh herbs just rounds it out perfectly. Simple, quick and tasty. Note: We use Fratelli Beretta prosciutto for this recipe as the only ingredients are pork and salt, it is not processed and has no added nitrates. Hint: You can leave out the rosemary if you like, you will get a nice caramelisation on the prosciutto under the salmon.
Serve this rich tomato-based vegetable dish alone or with your favourite protein. Such a yummy way to get your vegetable servings up for the day!
Mango salsa will work with any of your favourite proteins especially those marinated with citrus flavours or simply serve in lettuce cups as a light lunch. Hint: If you're not following the autoimmune protocol a little fresh chilli works beautifully in this.
A lighter AIP approved take on a traditional street food favourite. We used turkey mince but any protein could easily work. Tip: We used a shark style julienne peeler for the carrot and zucchini but a spiraliser would also work.
A twist on the usual cauliflower mash. By roasting it, you get a whole new depth of flavour, just delicious! Tip: Stir through some fresh herbs to compliment whatever you're serving it with.
A healthy twist on the traditional Lamb Souvlaki. We have left off the flat bread and added a little more salad but feel free to use one of our flatbread/tortilla recipes. Hint: We love the lemon slice on the kebab skewer but it can be left off. Tip: Dairy intolerant? Just leave out the feta, it still tastes amazing!
A zesty vinaigrette dressing with a great kick of herbs that will work on all of your favourite salads.
So many ways you can enjoy this egg salad. In celery boats, lettuce cups or on your favourite toast or crispbreads. You can easily add some fresh or dried herbs of your choice to make it different each time. TIP: If the eggs are cold when putting them into boiling water cook them for around 7 mins for just undercooked, or 8-9mins for hard.
All the flavours of Greece! A Gyro (pronounced Yee-roh) is basically seasoned meat served with yoghurt and salad on a pita bread. We've taken the traditional recipe and tweaked it a little so it's gluten, grain and dairy free! So good!
An easy lunch or light dinner. Any cooked chicken is great in this dish. TIP: If packing for lunch, like most salads, don’t dress it until you’re ready to eat.
Sweet more than tart, and such a beautiful dressing for salads.
Simple and delicious and ready in 10 minutes. Zesty and sweet all at the same time, it's light and fresh and works well as a side with your fave protein or double it for a simple light lunch.
Caesar Salad with a twist! Charring the lettuce gives this salad a whole new flavour profile and we love it. Getting a soft boiled egg just right can be tricky but a poached egg is just as good. We used crispy bacon in place of the croutons so you're not missing out on the crunchy aspect.
All of the creaminess and deliciousness of potato bake but without the dairy! Tip: Serve with your favourite protein or change it up a little by adding your other vegetables like sweet potato or pumpkin.
If you have never tried grilled lettuce then this is the recipe for you. It changes the taste greatly but in a very good way. Don't like anchovies? Leave them out. Tip: If you need it to be dairy free try the Niulife coconut ghee, it's delicious and it's Vegan!
So much better than regular mash! Serve it on the side of everything! Tip: All pumpkins are not created equal, some are drier than others so adjust the yoghurt to get the desired consistency.
An unusual combination that works beautifully. We should all be having 1-2 servings of seafood a week and this is a great way to do it. Be sure to get your seafood from a reputable source!
All of these flavours just work! It's creamy, lemony and delicious! A perfect light meal when you don't have a lot of time. Note: We have checked this as Paleo and AIP even though there is wine in the ingredients as the alcohol does cook out. Tip: If you don't have a spiraliser for the zucchini you can use a shark style julienne peeler.
It's hard to believe there's no dairy in this dish! This serving is for a side and will compliment your favourite protein but is easily doubled and other veggies added to make a complete meal. Tip: To make it AIP compliant replace the almond milk with an approved plant-based milk.
This recipe never fails. If you follow the instructions properly you will have tender, juicy and delicious chicken to serve with your favourite sides. Hot or cold, it's equally as good. Hint: This can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for up to two days. The method will also work with a chicken breast up to 250 grams. Tip: Take the chicken out of the fridge 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. Not: For AIP leave out the peppercorns.
Traditionally, Hainan style chicken is poached with a few simple flavours then served with a chilli sauce, a soy sauce and a ginger/shallot sauce. We have simplified it and made it healthier by adding these flavours to the poaching liquid. This may be the best poached chicken you've ever eaten! Tip: You can prepare this chicken and keep it in the fridge for up to two days. Hint: The cooking method will work with a chicken breast up to 250 grams just add an extra 5 minutes to the resting time.
A quick and easy homemade mayonnaise recipe that you will want to make again and again. It's Keto, Paleo and dairy free with no added sugars or toxic vegetable oils in sight so it will fit with most dietary protocols. Note: Makes approx. 2/3 cup. Tip: We used light tasting olive oil but the other suggested oils will work just as well.
The best description for these mushrooms is deeelicious! We think part of the reason they taste so amazing is the butter or ghee but you can definitely replace with your favourite oil. Tip: Need it to be lower in fat? Start with 2 tsp of butter or oil and add some water to create the sauce. Note: This is a side serving and we love it served with a tender juicy steak but can easily be doubled to enjoy on its own or on your favourite toast.
Grilled vegetables already taste amazing but with a zesty hit of lemon and some fresh herbs they are taken to the next level. So much flavour! Eat it on its own for a yummy vegan meal or serve it with your favourite protein and if dairy isn't an issue you can crumble over some blue cheese or goat's feta. Yum! Hint: It's really good served warm or at room temp but just as nice if you want to make it ahead and serve directly from the fridge. Tip: Keep the vegetables in bigger pieces to make grilling easier, you can then chop them before adding to the salad bowl.
Light and creamy and oh so similar in texture to potato mash without the starchy carbs! Note: The goal here is to get the same consistency as mashed potato so if you overcook the cauliflower or don’t squeeze the liquid out you won’t get the same result. Tip: If you don’t have a food processor you can use a stick blender.
This dish is seriously tasty! Fennel is one of those vegetables that not many of us have tried or used but once you do, you will use it again and it works perfectly with citrus flavours. The salad can be made up to a day ahead. Hint: The salad will also work beautifully with salmon or pork. Tip: We used the pre-cooked beetroot available from the fruit and veg section in most leading supermarkets but if you want to cook from fresh it is easily baked in the oven.
Sounds like a bizarre combination but trust us, this salmon dish is so very, very good! Tip: If you can't get a hold of celeriac, parsnips or potatoes would also work.
Lemongrass is one of those flavours that works with any protein and it adds a delicious flavour hit to this quick stir fry. Tip: We've used long red chillies with a mild flavour but if you like some heat swap it out with birdseye chilli.
The 'cheese' sauce in this bake is totally dairy free and can be used in so many of your fave dishes. We actually think it tastes better than the real thing! We opted out of using pasta like the traditional recipe and loaded it up with veggies! So good! Tip: Change the vegetables up with whatever you like, if grains are not an issue for you corn would be lovely!
This vegan delight is a delicious light meal. Tip: The avocado cream sauce also works perfectly with any of your favourite gluten-free pastas or noodles.
A lower carb, high protein meal that has lots of good healthy fats. Tip: We used the homemade tomato sauce recipe from the Dressings and Sauces section for this but pure tomato paste with a pinch of salt and any spices of choice thinned out a little with water or olive oil will work just as well.
A punchy & zesty dressing that is amazing on any salad or even warm veggies.
Salmon teamed up with lemon and dill just works. This simple dish is light, fresh and creamy. It's dairy free and fits with most dietary protocols. Hint: To keep it AIP friendly just leave out the tomatoes. Tip: If you can't get fresh dill just use 1/4 tsp. dried.
For those of you following the AIP diet or for anyone who doesn't like the heat in a curry this dish is perfect! Tip: Use whatever vegetables you like or whatever you have on hand.
This recipe takes mushrooms as a side to the next level! Serve these on toast, with your breakfast eggs or on your favourite protein, trust us they will work with pretty much everything! Note: We used swiss brown mushrooms for this but any type will work. Tip: If you are not a fan of chilli you could replace it with diced capsicum. Hint: If you are not following a vegan diet a teaspoon of butter melted through at the end is amazing!
This delicious vegetable tray bake is pretty easy to prepare. Adding the gremolata just lifts all those flavours and you will feel very satisfied! TIP: Make the gremolata in the last few minutes of cooking time as these ingredients may only keep their bright colour for a short time once blended.
Overnight oats are great for those of us that don't have a lot of time in the mornings. This combination of chocolate, pecans & dates with a hint of sea salt will bowl you over! Tip: If you don't have almond milk any plant-based milk will work.
Overnight oats are great for those of us that don't have a lot of time in the mornings. This combination of chocolate and almonds is sure to become a favourite. Tip: If you don't have almond milk any plant-based milk will work.
A quick and easy slaw with a tangy dressing that will work with any of your favourite proteins. Hint: Add whatever other vegetables you like!
Chocolate and berries.... no need for any more words. Any berries will work in this recipe. We used Pure Harvest Coco Quench as our milk of choice. Tip: When using chia seeds it's a good idea to soak them first, we keep a small jar in the fridge with chia gel to save doing it every time. Hint: Smoothies are an awesome opportunity to add protein powders, collagen powder, greens or herbs & tonics to your day.
A quick and easy small lunch or snack idea to take on the run or in your lunchbox.
Traditionally a breakfast or brunch recipe, but we could indulge in this at any meal time. TIP: Sweet Potato is a little harder to form into a rosti without a binding ingredient. Our notes will give you some tips on how to get the best results.
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