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Serves 2. Your cravings will be met! Healthy oven-baked fish with a spiced coconut crumb. Featured in our e-Book Eat Clean Dirty Food. This recipe has zero wheat, gluten & dairy and less oil & salt.
2 Serves. Chimichurri is a delicious South American sauce that goes with most proteins. Its flavour is punchy and robust and adds some green goodness to your dishes.
2 Serves. The prawns have a quick lime, garlic & chilli marinade & only take minutes to cook. Serve in lettuce cups for a low-carb option, or add in some of our homemade (or store-bought) almond tortillas.
2 Serves. From the e-Book Eat Clean Dirty Food. You are going to love this clean & lean version of Pad Thai. Pad Thai can be a great choice when you're ordering take out, and it ticks a lot of the GF, DF & clean eating boxes. However, like most restaurants that's not always the focus and you will find too much oil, salt, artificial flavours. TIP: We like to add extra vegetables like some finely sliced broccolini which will cook at the same time as the other veg.
2 Serves. Recipe from the Eat Clean Dirty Food e-Book. The freshest most delicious nachos and, you will boost your veggie intake without even realising it! We've replaced the corn chips with roasted potato slices. Topped them with a beef & bean sauce that's full of veggies. With the special addition of avocado, coconut yoghurt, coriander leaves & a squeeze of lime - yum! TIP: Baked sweet potato rounds are also delicious.
2 Serves. Recipe from the new Eat Clean Dirty Food e-Book! These glorious pancakes are wheat-free, gluten-free & dairy-free. Using cassava flour is a saviour for wheat-free baking and we've dedicated a lot of time into making these little pancakes taste awesome! Follow the recipe notes for pancake perfection! Cassava is a root vegetable/tuber, so it ticks most of the boxes when it comes to intolerances & allergies. It does have a stronger flavour than wheat flour and adding maple, honey, coconut & fruit work well.
2 Serves. From the new Eat Clean Dirty Food recipe e-book. Deliciously easy takeaway & fast food recipes all wheat & dairy free. NOTE: Low Carb, Paleo & Keto friendly swap out rice for cauliflower rice. Swap out prawns with any other protein.
2 Serves. Better than takeaway. This creamy peanut satay noodle dish is delicious, and we've cleaned it up by using healthier types, and smaller amounts, of oil, salt & sugar. Low Carb Option: swap out rice noodles for zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.
2 Serves. There's no way around the cooking steps involved in preparing Ramen. The kitchen was a mess - lol. It was worth it, and this Japanese noodle soup is delicious! NOTE 1: If you make your own bone broth it will be perfect for this recipe, however, you can buy some amazing broths so you can skip this step. Always check the ingredients as some supermarket brands may contain gluten and other additives. Farmers Markets, health food stores & delis will have the good stuff. NOTE 2: Traditional Ramen Noodles do contain wheat and gluten. Rice noodles are a great alternative, and there are more and more wheat-free noodles available in stores now. We found some buckwheat soba noodles which worked perfectly. NOTE 3: Shitake mushrooms add an amazing flavour to the broth. We know they are not always easily available and it will still be delish without them. Alternatively, you could add in some field mushrooms.
2 Serves. As a gluten-free & wheat-free website, we love the different "pasta" options available so that you can still enjoy a delicious bowl of pasta! For this recipe we’ve used a Pulse Pasta which was a combination of peas, lentils, chickpeas & borlotti beans and it works so well with the earthy flavours of the Greek salad. TIP: Swap out the goat’s cheese for hummus for a dairy-free & vegan option.
2 Serves. This one-pan Spanish dish is often eaten with bread. However, we've added chicken to our dish to boost it into a more hearty meal. In saying that, the vegan option minus the chicken is just as good. TIP: Add 1/4 tsp chilli powder at the same time as the paprika to heat things up a bit.
2-3 Serves. We love easy, tasty vegan food. Baked sweet potatoes are so versatile, and these spicy lentils are a perfect match. NOTE: We’ve used split red lentils in this recipe, they cook slightly quicker. However, you can use any dried lentils, cook them for a little longer, plus add water as extra liquid if necessary. TIP: We’ve kept the spice low with the recipe, so feel free to add extra!
2 Serves. Delicious as a full meal, or team this warm salad with a protein of your choice. TIP: Change the dressing herb to any one of your favourites, or check out our Dressings section for many other options. NOTE: For AIP swap out the potato for extra sweet potato, carrots or sprouts.
2 Serves. These little pork & mushrooms meatballs are full of flavour & extremely delicious! We've added a spicy slaw, instead of a creamy slaw, and kept this dish fresh with herbs & chilli. TIP: If you're avoiding grains or carbs, swap out the brown rice for some large lettuce leaves or one of our Almond Meal Flatbreads.
2 Serves. Rice Bowls – we love them! Eating healthy can be simple, and mixing up the flavours is the key to keep enjoying healthy food so you don’t get bored. It only takes a few minutes to make this marinade for the chicken. Then we cook the leftover marinade and make a sauce to finish the dish. Delish!! We’ve kept the salad simple with a few ingredients, however, you could add any of your favourite salad or cooked vegetables. TIP: Having cooked portions of rice in the freezer is a great way to ensure you’re eating healthy grains & it cuts cooking time. You could also use quinoa, white rice if you prefer, or mix brown rice and quinoa together (that’s a favourite!).
2 Serves. We love veggie overload & we always add lots of flavour to make your dish delish. This one is 2 serves & the flavours will continue to infuse for another meal the following day. We’ve used Thyme as the herb to flavour the entire dish. It’s quite a strong herb so you’ll only need a small amount, and if you prefer you can swap it for another favourite herb. TIP: If you are looking for a carb boost add a small portion of brown rice or quinoa and mix it through the cauli rice – so yummy.
2 Serves. Chickpea Fettuccine is a great gluten & wheat free alternative to pasta, and it’s one of our favourites. The sauce is vegan, delicious & filling. Plus, the dish only takes around 15mins to make. TIP: Add in some cayenne or chilli for a spicy hit. It's delicious!
2 Serves. If you're not really into making big batch soups, this one is perfect, easy and will give you a nice 2 serves. It's flexible with the amount of pumpkin you have, just adjust your stock amount accordingly. TIP: See notes on making a thick soup. Plus using a good quality or homemade stock will make a huge difference in the flavour.
2 Serves. Delish "Pasta" dish! We've used Eco Organics Chickpea Fettuccine for this dish. There are a few varieties of gluten-free & wheat-free "pastas" in this range, but this is a definite fave!
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