Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

Welcome to our AIP section.  The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps heal most inflammation in the body.  Many elimination diets are not complete enough to remove all triggers that can cause inflammation, and this is where the AIP diet has been most successful. 

If you have an autoimmune disease this diet will often be the first place you are directed to.  Plus when you start reintroducing different foods back into your diet you will find our other areas, especially our Paleo section, very helpful.

2 Serves. Delicious as a full meal, or team this warm salad with a protein of your choice. TIP: Change the dressing herb to any one of your favourites, or check out our Dressings section for many other options. NOTE: For AIP swap out the potato for extra sweet potato, carrots or sprouts.
Looking after our AIP members is always something we work hard at. Cassava flour replaces almond meal, which we use in most of our other wraps. These wraps are a big delicious tick for anyone!! TIP: AIP remember to use guar gum-free coconut milk. Ayam is a great brand in Australia and easily available.
Soup for one can be an easy, light meal. This one is really delicious too. TIP: Vegetable weights are a guideline only. If you have larger veggies just add a little more stock.
2 Serves. We love veggie overload & we always add lots of flavour to make your dish delish. This one is 2 serves & the flavours will continue to infuse for another meal the following day. We’ve used Thyme as the herb to flavour the entire dish. It’s quite a strong herb so you’ll only need a small amount, and if you prefer you can swap it for another favourite herb. TIP: If you are looking for a carb boost add a small portion of brown rice or quinoa and mix it through the cauli rice – so yummy.
The acai berry is well known to be an antioxidant powerhouse fruit from South America. Acai Bowls are now quite a popular healthy breakfast or snack option. However, some of the popular brands used in cafes & restaurants can have added cane sugar. Making them at home using a brand that doesn't have added sugar is a great way to enjoy this easy & delicious breakfast bowl. TIP: Acai is not a sweet fruit. Adding banana & a little coconut water can raise the sweetness to just the right level.
A foccacia that is crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle and it's AIP approved!!! There is a bit of time invested in this bread but you will not be sorry, even the fussiest eaters will enjoy this. Note: Time shown does not include resting time for the dough. Tip: We love this on its own or topped with whatever your heart desires.
Great natural flavours in this san choy bau without the usual bottled sauce flavours added. This recipe is designed for our AIP members with no chilli or nuts. It’s fabulous! TIP: We’ve used an oriental mushroom mix with shitake & oyster mushrooms in this recipe as it goes beautifully with the asian flavours. However, you can use regualar field mushrooms, they’ll just take a little longer to cook as the orientals are very delicate.
This tasty little dish is our take on Greek Souvlaki. TIP: If your diet allows, you can swap out the coconut yoghurt for Greek yoghurt if preferred.
With flavours reminiscent of a pina colada this smoothie will become a fast favourite! Although it's adding a good serve of greens to your day you can't actually taste them, it's fresh and delightful. Hint: You could also use 3/4 cup Pure Harvest Coconut Quench in place of the coconut milk and water. Tip: If you don't have coconut milk any other plant-based milk will work. Hint: Add your fave protein powder or other superfood powders for an added boost. We added 1 teaspoon of bee pollen but note that it no longer fit's into a vegan diet.
This tastes just like the Gelato you get from a fancy Gelato shop! Super easy and perfect for a hot summer's day or any day for that matter! Tip: We used almond milk but to keep it nut free choose any other plant-based milk. Hint: We made this using a stick blender but a high-speed blender will work also, just leave out the milk.
Cinnamon is one of those spices that is just as nice in a savoury dish as it is in sweet ones. It pairs beautifully with this salmon and the buttery flavour of the ghee if you decide to use it just adds to the flavour. Note: For AIP use coconut oil.
This refreshing drink will get you through a hot summer's day and recharge you at any time. TIP: Freeze your watermelon first for a more icy/slushie drink. Mint is optional, but highly recommended.
This coconut yoghurt based dressing is thick, rich & gorgeous. It will easily go on your favourite dressings list. TIP: You can swap to Greek Yoghurt, and swap out coriander for mint or basil.
Cream of Mushroom Soup is one of those recipes that has been around for generations, but we've tweaked it a little and our version is not only Vegan it fits in with most dietary protocols including AIP! Hint: We think this soup is perfect as is but if you don't want to thicken it with the tapioca flour you could try taking half the mixture out and blending it then combine back together. Tip: This is a light meal, if you want it to be more substantial you could add more mushrooms and sweet potato or serve with our AIP Garlic & Rosemary Foccacia.
A simple chicken stir-fry with a big hit of lemon that fits into pretty much every diet protocol including AIP. No need to stick to the vegetables we used, choose your favourites! Tip: If you want a thicker sauce you can use a little tapioca flour mixed in water and add at the end. Note: We used avocado oil in the marinade as olive oil is not recommended for cooking on the AIP diet and coconut oil will harden.
The AIP diet may not allow seed spices but there are many other ways of getting a big flavour impact! The combination of Turmeric, garlic, onion and lemon make this an extremely tasty dish and it's ready in 15 minutes! Hint: Add any other allowed salad vegetables you like. Tip: We used the pre-cooked beetroot available from the fruit & veg department in most supermarkets but if you prefer to cook your own we think roasted beetroot would taste amazing.
Great with most salads. Tip: you can swap out the honey for maple syrup or coconut sugar.
We have made this guacamole AIP friendly but don't think for a minute it doesn't taste great, because it does!! Sweet potato toast is one of those new trends that is here to stay if you haven't tried it yet give it a go!
Kaffir Lime is one of those aromas that is instantly recognisable. They are also readily available from most leading supermarkets and can be kept in the freezer for whenever you need them. Hint: if you don't want to dirty 2 pans just cook the cauli rice first then set aside and keep warm while you cook the chicken and bok choy. Tip: We used a mortar & pestle for the marinade as it gets a little better result but you can just chop everything very finely and use the back of a spoon to mash it up.
Koftas are Middle Eastern meatballs. They are usually full of spices & herbs. We’ve left out the spices in this dish as we do have some diet categories that can’t tolerate them, or need to eliminate them for a short time. TIP: Fresh coriander can always be swapped for parsley, or just left out and enjoy the mint.
If you love tzatziki, this is a great dairy-free option. TIP: We like to use raw garlic in some of our dressings. If you're not a huge fan of raw garlic, maybe start with about a quarter of clove. Raw garlic has many health benefits, so try and add as much as you can!
Any recipe that can be cooked in one pan is always a good one and when it tastes this amazing it goes straight onto the favourites list. Hint: The size of the sweet potato cubes will determine cooking time.
Such a simple marinade for chicken that only needs 10 minutes teamed up with a gorgeous but equally simple salsa. Definitely dinner taken care of in a hurry. Hint: Not following the autoimmune protocol? You can give the salsa a little extra kick by adding some chilli.
This dish is a little decadent & purely designed for keto or low carb/high fat lovers. TIP: Dairy Free option - swap out the butter for coconut oil, it's still a great sage sauce.
Chicken with a creamy lemon & garlic sauce is delicious, extremely low carb & will be on your favourites list. TIP: This dish goes from stovetop to oven. Using a small ovenproof pan ensures you get lots of sauce at the end. See notes below.
A much lighter version of a classic Italian Linguine, we love the flavours in this dish, definitely one of those recipes to put on your favourites list! Hint: You can easily swap the coconut yoghurt for Greek yoghurt if dairy isn't an issue. Note: If you don't have a spiraliser you can make the noodles with a julienne/shark-style peeler
We think these taste even better than potato chips, they're so good! A mandolin slicer is best for these for consistency of thickness and it definitely gets the job done quicker. If you're using a knife take your time as unevenly cut slices will cook unevenly.
The perfect detox drink that's also one of our favourite coolers, the best thing on a hot Summer's day. Blueberries are known for being especially high in antioxidants and contain natural aspirin that helps lessen the tissue-damaging effects of chronic inflammation. Lemon and mint aid to detox the body, enhance hydration, have anti-cancer properties and support healthy weight loss Tip:You can use coconut water which will make this even more refreshing and add a little sweetness, but note, it is higher in carbs.
Fruit coolers are a great between-meal snack, especially in the warmer months. Hint: If you are using a sealed blender like a Nutri-Bullet the mineral water can build up the pressure but coconut water or chilled water will also work. Tip: You can use raspberries in this cooler as well or equal amounts of each.
Fruit coolers are a great between-meal snack, especially in the warmer months. Using coconut water makes them even more refreshing and adds a little sweetness, but chilled water will also work.
Just like a big bowl of berry ice-cream! How can something that tastes this incredible be so good for you? Hint: We love Melrose Essential Reds powder in this bowl. Note: We used 1/3 cup each of frozen blueberries and strawberries and 1/3 cup fresh raspberries. It really just depends on what you have available at the time. Tip: If you use all frozen fruit reduce the number of ice cubes. Note: For AIP swap the almond milk for another suitable plant-based milk.
If you have never tried grilled lettuce before you need to! It's so delicious and teamed with this zesty salmon it makes for a very fresh and light dish. Tip: The extra wedge of lime is really nice to squeeze over the cooked lettuce!
All the flavour you need for a gorgeous salad dressing or dipping sauce. TIP: Paleo, Vegan & Dairy Free swap out Greek yoghurt for a good quality plain coconut yoghurt.
If you already love them, or need a gentle introduction to a green smoothie, this green drink is delicious. TIP: Make it nut-free with other plant milk choices like coconut, rice or oat.
If you love lamb then you will seriously love this dish. All of these flavours combined work so well together especially with the addition of the sweet potato mash. Tip: Use whatever greens you have on hand. Hint: Dried herbs can also work in this dish but will need to be reduced to 1/4 of the amount. Note: For AIP leave out the chilli flakes.
A brilliant alternative to potato mash that works with most proteins and other vegetables. By using coconut yoghurt for the creamy element it's also dairy free, vegan and AIP friendly! Note: The amount of coconut yoghurt used will depend on how wet or dry your sweet potato is once it's mashed.
We tried a few different recipe variations of Paleo gravy before settling on this one as a definite favourite! Any recipes using tapioca flour or similar to thicken them always ended with an ok result, this method using cauliflower to thicken means 1 extra step but trust us, it's totally worth the time. Hint: See notes for variations. Tip: Make extra and freeze in portions.
We tried a few different recipe variations of Paleo gravy before settling on this one as a definite favourite! Any recipes using tapioca flour or similar to thicken it always ended with an ok result, this method using cauliflower to thicken means 1 extra step but trust us, it's totally worth the time. Hint: See notes for variations. Tip: Make extra and freeze in portions.
Citrus and mint were made to go with lamb. We love dried mint for this dish for its intensity of flavour but fresh mint will also work. Note: Cooking time will depend entirely on the thickness of the lamb.
Garlic and herbs team up as a beautifully light marinade for this delicate mix of seafood. A wedge of lemon and a little sea salt is all it needs for the flavours to come together. Tip: We used a combination of herbs from the garden but any that you choose will work. Hint: We love this served with cauliflower rice but pretty much any sides will work with these simple flavours. Note: See notes in the method for seafood choices.
Something a little different to your regular side of greens! We think it tastes amazing and it works really well as a healthy alternative to rice.
A very easy side that will work with pretty much any protein! It's a great replacement for rice or starchy mashes and the flavour is so light and simple.
A seriously delicious marinade that teams perfectly with fresh ocean-caught salmon. This is definitely on the go-to favourites list! Team it up with one of your favourite salads or vegetable sides. Tip: If you are meal prepping you can marinate for up to 1 day.
A simple marinade that teams beautifully with fresh ocean-caught salmon. Choose from any of salad or vegetable sides for a quick and easy meal. Tip: If you are meal prepping you can marinate for up to 1 day.
This pesto is a little different but in a very good way! So delicious! Use it as a dip, spread or topping. We love it on the AIP approved Foccacia bread. To make this pesto AIP friendly be sure to use horseradish cream and not mustard. Hint: We use the pre-cooked beetroot available from most leading supermarkets.
Mango salsa will work with any of your favourite proteins especially those marinated with citrus flavours or simply serve in lettuce cups as a light lunch. Hint: If you're not following the autoimmune protocol a little fresh chilli works beautifully in this.
A lighter AIP approved take on a traditional street food favourite. We used turkey mince but any protein could easily work. Tip: We used a shark style julienne peeler for the carrot and zucchini but a spiraliser would also work.
No cooking is required for this easy meal! Plus, the dressing only takes a couple of minutes to mix together. TIP: The mint leaves are gorgeous in this dish, however they are optional. Swapping mint with either coriander or basil would also work well.
Simple, sweet and delicious. You can make this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. Hint: If you use a screw-top jar it's travel friendly and you can take it in your lunch box or on a picnic. Tip: Use any fruits you like and it's also seriously good topped with a little grain-free granola.
Completely AIP approved fritter recipes are few and far between but this one is exceptionally good! You can easily leave off the bacon but seriously, why would you want to?? Tip: The more finely you grate the sweet potato the better it will hold together.
A zesty vinaigrette dressing with a great kick of herbs that will work on all of your favourite salads.
Sweet more than tart, and such a beautiful dressing for salads.
This recipe never fails. If you follow the instructions properly you will have tender, juicy and delicious chicken to serve with your favourite sides. Hot or cold, it's equally as good. Hint: This can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for up to two days. The method will also work with a chicken breast up to 250 grams. Tip: Take the chicken out of the fridge 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. Not: For AIP leave out the peppercorns.
Sweet and tart all at the same time and oh so tasty! Don't be put off by the combination, it really works! Hint: This recipe will make a full serving on it's own so if you want to use it as a side just halve the recipe.
A punchy & zesty dressing that is amazing on any salad or even warm veggies.
For those of you following the AIP diet or for anyone who doesn't like the heat in a curry this dish is perfect! Tip: Use whatever vegetables you like or whatever you have on hand.
Traditionally a breakfast or brunch recipe, but we could indulge in this at any meal time. TIP: Sweet Potato is a little harder to form into a rosti without a binding ingredient. Our notes will give you some tips on how to get the best results.
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