The Paleo Diet, also known as Paleolithic, Caveman or Stone-age diet is a modern adapted diet of foods presumed eaten by humans during the Paleolithic era.  Its name and the diet itself has had its fair share of criticism in the media and with some medical professionals.  This is mainly due to the fact that fresh produce today is very different from Paleolithic times, plus the diet has too many restrictions for most people to comprehend. 

The Paleo Diet is very restricted, but you don't need to go back over 2 million years to follow it successfully. If you look at it under a modern terms it's eating healthy basic foods and avoiding most of the foods which weren’t around even a few hundred years ago.  It’s 'back to basics' eating which includes lots of vegetables, moderate protein, nuts & some fruit.  The biggest success of this diet is avoiding processed foods, grains, dairy, sugar & legumes, as all of these can be associated to inflammation in the body.

Sure, there can be lots of things added to recipes which are relatively modern, however they are all healthy ingredients which make sense in a modern diet.  Due to Paleo's 'back to basics' eating approach it has helped many people that suffer from auto-immune disease, gut problems and many other ailments. 

We always say restricted diets are not for everyone.  We suggest you see a medical professional or nutrition expert before and during any diet changes.  Always listen to your body and the way it reacts with different foods and diet changes, it will guide you on what’s right for you. 

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