What is Mindful Eating?

By Janene Inigo
20 October 2020


You may have already heard someone refer to “Mindful Eating”.  Sometimes I hear people say, or read, “you should shop mindfully” or “you should eat mindfully”.  These sayings or comments may be something you are familiar with & possibly already practice, or they may not resonate with you at all.  Whichever one it is, this article gives you a brief introduction or reminder about Mindful Eating, and hopefully you can find a way it can benefit you.

Firstly, it doesn’t mean you have to change everything you are eating or doing immediately.  Over time there are possibly some changes to make, but for most people it should be something that can be implemented into their daily routine.

Mindful Eating is basically becoming completely aware of what, why & how much you are eating.  You may have heard that world food resources are on a slow decline, and one of the big reasons why, besides population growth, is that we are buying, eating & wasting too much food.  If you think you might fall into this category then following are some tips on Mindful Eating that you can start practicing in your daily routine, and possibly teach your family.

1. Acknowledging Farm to Plate.

Think about where your food is sourced.  Where it was grown or raised.  How it was cared for and what journey did it take to get to your plate.  Supporting local farmers markets is a great way to get to know who’s looking after the food you are eating, and money spent gets to stay in your community.

2. Eat Only When Hungry & Stop When Full.

Hunger pangs can kick in at really random and occasionally unnecessary times.  Ask yourself a few questions before reaching for a snack.  Am I really hungry? Am I stressed? Am I bored? If I eat that snack or meal, how am I going to feel afterwards?

At meal times eat slowly, be thankful for the food on your plate & taste every element.  Give yourself a chance to be full & enjoy what you have just eaten.

3. Eat Slowly Without Distractions.

Always sit down to eat.  Eat with other people if possible.  Leave devices in another room.  Don’t eat in front of the computer at work, or in front of a TV.  Enjoy every part of what’s on your plate. 

4. Find Out More

There are some really interesting recent studies on Mindful Eating.  Making connections to improving depression, anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, food cravings & weight management.  I personally have found Mindful Eating extremely helpful in many of these areas.  

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