About Well for One

We are Janene Inigo & Karen Maree. We are sisters & the creators of Well for One. 

We love researching food & different healthy ways of eating.  Both of us have studied Nutrition and are always looking for that balance to make our bodies sing.  Our work and research has brought us into contact with many different people with many different health problems, and the solution is never a one size fits all approach.  With so many allergies, food intolerances & disease on the rise, there is a need for specialised diets & it all starts with clean eating that can cater to an individual's dietary requirements.

We usually found it difficult to source recipes for one person so we started creating our own.  There are many recipes with one serve, however we also have recipes with 2 serves which is great for 2 people or save some time in the kitchen with 'Cook Once Eat Twice'.



We completely believe that choosing your own healthy ingredients and cooking your own food is the key to a well body.  We’ve both studied paleo, keto, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and many other diets.  Well for One makes it really easy to start a healthier eating lifestyle, even if you're just wanting to cut out processed foods and eat more fresh foods.

Our recipes are delicious, full of flavour and easy to multiply for bigger servings, or to feed the family.

We hope you love Well for One as much as we do.

A little extra personal stuff:

Janene lives on the Sunshine Coast, and Karen lives in country Queensland. We both love good, healthy food and we've both been on our own wellness journeys for many years now, for many reasons.  

Janene has a Diploma in Nutrition & Eating Psychology, and Karen has a Diploma as a Clinical Nutrition Consultant.

Well for One is the perfect way for us to share the wellness recipes that we’ve created and use constantly. 

The Ultimate Clean-Eating eBook.
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