Please note that our website does cater for other diet protocols.  If you will be offended in any way we completely understand that this may not be the place for you to access vegan recipes for one. However, if you are ok with just browsing in our vegan section I’m sure you will love our delicious & healthy recipes.

One of the main reasons we are really proud of our vegan section is that it is purely designed on health & wellness.  Our website is completely gluten & wheat free so this can also be a huge difference in some vegan diets.  We love our vegan carbs like potatoes, brown rice & oats, plus we’ve packed our recipes full of healthy vegetables & fruits.

When we chat to people there is a lot of curiosity & interest in the vegan lifestyle, but it can sometimes go into the too hard basket.  Our main aim with this section is to offer some gorgeous meals for one, help anyone transitioning to a vegan diet, and offer more plant-based meal options needed in some diets.

Note: Some of our recipes do have honey, but we will always have an alternative listed.

As we always say restricted diets are not for everyone.  We suggest you see a medical professional or nutrition expert before and during any diet changes.  Always listen to your body and the way it reacts with different foods and diet changes, it will guide you on what’s right for you. 


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