Top 5 Tips for Going Gluten Free

By Janene Inigo
3 August 2020

With Celiac diagnoses becoming increasingly common & many different health issues on the rise, you will find one of the first dietary changes recommended is to cut out gluten.  Changing our diets is usually challenging for most, and cutting some of the things we love out of our diet can be difficult to start with, and absolutely tormenting as time goes on.  However, these days there are more options, healthier gluten free options, then when there ever has been. This can make your new journey a lot easier.  

These 5 tips are sure to help you out & if you need some recipe inspo. Head over to our Well for One website.

1. Gluten-Free Breads

Cutting out bread is usually one of the things that can hurt our brains quite a bit, but your insides will thank you over a million times.  If your body was hurting after eating bread with gluten, hopefully you will notice how it feels so much better when you don’t.  Plus.... Hallelujah!! all is not lost as there are some amazing people making amazing gluten-free, & even more importantly wheat-free, breads and they are delicious!  Do some research & ask around about local bakers or stockists.

2. Eating Out

This does require a bit of a shift in mindset here.  Unless you’re in an area where the restaurants are well-rehearsed and care about gluten free eating, you will find your choices are limited.  One of the best tips is to stick to the basics.  Forget about pizza, pasta, fried etc..  Instead channel your inner health food guru & order a gorgeous salad, grilled fish, vegetables, maybe a rice dish.  You’ve got this & you can always order those other dishes when you are in a safer gluten-free environment. 


3. Brown Rice, Quinoa & “Pasta”

Your new “best friends” really are delicious and will help you feel amazing.  Any rice is gluten-free, however brown rice has a higher count in vitamins, minerals & fibre.  Plus, it will keep you fuller for longer, meaning more satisfied & less snack attacks.

Quinoa does take a little getting used to as it has quite an earthy flavour.  Once it does become friends with your palate you will notice it’s a “feel-good” food that has a lot of different health benefits for your body.

Moving away from wheat-based pasta, there’s a whole new range of pulse pastas made from chickpeas, lentils, black beans…etc.  There’s a few tricks to cooking these pastas well, but when you do they are delicious.  Chickpea Fettuccini is a favourite and topped with a gorgeous sauce you are in pasta heaven.

4. Read Labels

Besides the usual gluten offenders in packaged food, there are also additives, flavours & colours which can contain gluten.  You do need to do your research thoroughly.  Packaged food can come at a health cost for anyone needing to change their diet.  Choose fresh food, or food with limited ingredients so you know exactly what you are consuming.

5. Join A Group or Association

There are some amazing social media groups that share stories, recipes & advice.   It’s helpful to know that there’s always someone in a similar situation to you.  These groups can give advice when you need it, help you stay on track when you feel like venturing off the path, and may just have a solution when you didn’t think there would ever be one.  

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