Dinner Done, No Excuses.

By Janene Inigo
16 November 2020

Dinner….. it can be that time of day when you may feel a little mentally and physically drained and would much rather be doing something else.  The thought of preparing & eating a healthy dinner can fly out the door, and you just want to go with an easier option.  It’s a common feeling out there, but I’ve got some tips that might help. 

It does take a little planning. Some of us are really talented at writing up a 5-7 day meal plan, and some of us just float on through the week randomly and end up at the grocery store every 2nd day (ok, sometimes every day).  I have to admit to being the latter and find myself at the store more than 3 times a week.
My reasons are 1. Lack of big planning.  2. I don’t usually mind cooking, so I’ll see what I feel like eating on that day.   3. I don’t trust myself to always use the produce I’ve bought in a big shop and hate wasting food.

I’ve made peace with this behaviour, mainly due to point 3, and making peace with how you plan your week is one the best things you can do to move forward with healthy eating.  You don’t have to change too much, you just have to make it work for you.

Having fresh food in the fridge that you love to eat is important.  The following tips can help you turn that food into delicious & easy one-pan dinners, and you can have dinner done with no excuses.

TIP 1:

Oven temperature should be no higher than 180°C / 350°F.  This helps keep the integrity of your food and the oils you are cooking with. 

TIP 2:

Small amounts of oil and sea salt are important, for your cooking and for your body.  You’ll only need 1-2 teaspoons of oil in total per person, and using oils like cold-pressed coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil are perfect.  It’s best to rub a little oil into everything that goes on the tray, this allows some of the delicate ingredients to cook without burning.  Plus, a pinch of sea salt will always enhance all of the flavours.

Note: EVOO is fine to cook with when keeping temperatures moderate or low.

TIP 3:

Root vegetables will take the longest.  Chop them in 2cm cubes and aim to have them in the oven for 20-30mins.  These include sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot, carrot, onion & garlic (unpeeled).

TIP 4:

Proteins will need around 15-20mins depending on the cut and size.

TIP 5:

Chop harder vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, corn & brussel sprouts and these will take around 15mins.

TIP 6:

Softer vegetables like asparagus, kale, mushrooms & tomatoes will only need 5-10mins.

TIP 7:

Add some freshness to the plate like avocado, rocket/arugula, spinach & fresh herbs.

TIP 8:

Sauces always bring a dish together.  Baked tomatoes work great as a sauce, but also adding a *gremolata, tzatziki, hummus or a yoghurt dressing can take your dish to a fully satisfying flavour bomb.

*Gremolata is a blended mix of your choice of herb, nut, lemon zest, garlic & sea salt and takes about 10 seconds to blitz up. Delicious!

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