Dairy Free

There are many reasons why a dairy free diet is becoming more and more important in today's diet choices.  It could be due to allergy, intolerance, ethical, or one of many health reasons.  Milk products from other animals like goat, sheep or camel also come under the dairy banner.  Although these milk products can sometimes be easier on the human digestive system they are still considered dairy.

Please note that we don’t include soy milk products in any of our recipes.  This decision is purely based on our personal experiences, however if soy is one of your preferred dairy free choices you can substitute it for most of our plant milk suggestions.

As we always say restricted diets are not for everyone.  We suggest you see a medical professional or nutrition expert before and during any diet changes.  Always listen to your body and the way it reacts with different foods and diet changes, it will guide you on what’s right for you. 


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