A vegetarian diet can mean different things to different people.  However, it's usually classified as a no meat diet but some animal products are allowed like dairy, eggs & honey.  This is what differentiates vegetarian from a pure vegan diet which has absolutely no animal products.  There are also different classifications of vegetarian diets depending on which animal products you allow into your diet.

Overall the vegetarian diet can work well to keep many people healthy.  It can be a great lifestyle choice and a purposeful ethical choice to not eat animals.  Whichever way you are currently doing vegetarian we've got a variety of recipes to fit all categories.

As we always say restricted diets are not for everyone.  We suggest you see a medical professional or nutrition expert before and during any diet changes.  Always listen to your body and the way it reacts with different foods and diet changes, it will guide you on what’s right for you. 


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