Green Tea Please...

During the cooler months we often reach for lots of warming drinks to keep us going throughout the day.

There's a lot of us who love our coffee, but maybe a cup of green tea can also become your love.

Not everyone enjoys plain green tea, so we’ve got some really simple ideas to add different flavours, which also have their own nutritional benefits. 

But why green tea??


Green Tea is known to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.  Rich in Vitamin C and Antioxidants that can promote a healthy immune system and also help protect your skin.

Plus, some of the other benefits may include:
Improved brain function.

Increased fat burning.

Reducing the risk of cancer.

Lowering the risk of heart disease.

It's also a feel-good drink that contains amino acids which can reduce stress naturally and can have a calming & peaceful effect.

Listed below are some of the natural flavour boosters we like to add to our green tea.

Green Tea Flavour Boosters:

Fresh Ginger & Honey.
Fresh Mint.
Cinnamon Stick & Cracked Cardamon Pods.
Squeeze of Lemon & Honey.

Steep & Enjoy!

Stay well, stay healthy, & always reach out if you need someone.
Take care, love from the Well for One Team.

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